Mini-Splits in Wiggins, Sterling & Greeley, CO

Enjoy Powerful Heating, Even In Small Spaces

Take advantage of mini-split systems in Wiggins, Sterling & Greeley, CO

If you live in a compact house, you might not have room for a large, traditional furnace. But that doesn't mean you can't keep your home at your ideal temperature. You can get effective heating from a mini-split system.

You can call on Ignite Heating and Air LLC for mini-split installation services and add a dedicated heater to any room of your house. Whether you're building a new home or want to upgrade your current one, our contractor can help you create an effective heating system. Arrange for mini-split installation services in Wiggins, Sterling & Greeley, CO.

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How a mini-split system is different

Mini-split systems can heat rooms individually instead of trying to pump warm air or water through your home. By using mini-splits, you can...

Customize the temperature in different rooms
Connect your heating system to your Wi-Fi so you can control it through your phone
Heat only the room you're in, making your house more energy-efficient and reducing your heating bill

Mini-splits are also ductless and can be installed almost anywhere. Take the first step by contacting us at 970-313-6027.